6 Great Tips For Healthier Nails


Nails are considered to be one of the vital parts of our body. Our nails can actually indicate our overall health by their appearance. Cleaning our nails is also a part of our hygiene and it"s one way for us to show people that we take care of ourselves. (A trip to the nail salon near me always does the trick though!) If nail salons are not your thing, here are some really great tips to obtain healthy nails.

Leave cuticles alone. Our cuticles serve as natural protection to bacteria and fungus so, it"s better if we leave it alone. Cutting them will result to nasty infections which you"re aiming to keep away from!

Nails are not tools. Never use your nails to pop open a can. Your nails are not hard enough to do such task and you"ll just end up with a chipped nail that will bring you with a lot of again. As much as possible, try to use the suitable tools to get the job done.

Try biotin. Biotin, from the vitamin B family, can increase nail thickness and reduce the risk of splitting according to some research. Taking a daily supplement can help you have more healthy nails.

nails2Limit the use of harsh chemicals. Acetone nail polish remover can make your nails brittle in a long turn. Try to limit your use or you could go for more natural options to remove your nail polish. Another thing you need to limit contact with is cleaning chemicals which can leave your nails dry and easier to break. Try to use rubber gloves when doing housework or doing the laundry to minimize the exposure.

Use a smooth and fine file. Try to avoid those rough boards which can cause more damage than good. You don"t want to have cracks on your nails that could lead to breakage. When filing, don"t do it back and forth. Do it in one direction slowly and evenly to lessen the damage.

Moisturize it. Whenever you put on some body lotion, you can spread it all the way to your nails to keep it moisturized. You can also try to drink sufficient amount of water daily to hydrate your body and your nails. Extra  tip: You can always make your own natural hand lotion!

Do have any great tips to share about getting healthier nails? Share your mind in the comments section below.


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