Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Hair Removal/Reduction

What is laser hair removal?

This type of hair removal consists of applying flashes of light that penetrate the superficial layers of the skin. The melanin contained in the hair follicles will then absorb the light. Due to the increase of temperature, a lesion occurs in the hair root without causing any damage in the rest of tissues.

This lesion of the hair root ensures that the hair will not reproduce again. The use of laser hair removal, in a high percentage of cases, results in a total and definitive disappearance of the hair. There is a huge difference in laser hair removal before and after the treatment.

Types of lasers used for hair removal

Depending on the skin tone and the type of hair you have, the specialist in a medical spa will use a particular kind of laser to perform the hair removal.

The different types of lasers used are:

  • Ruby laser emits a wavelength of 695 nm and is used with light skin and black hair.
  • Alexandrite laser: with a wavelength of 755 nm is used for dark hair, and with a medium skin tone, it is ideal for depilation of legs, English, and armpits.
  • Laser Diode: there are those who consider it to be the most effective. It has a wavelength of 810 nm and is suitable for skins and dark hair.
  • Laser Neodymium Yag: with a wavelength of 1064 nm can be used for all skin types but has a lower index of effectiveness.
Precautions before and after a laser hair removal

We give you a series of recommendations to follow before performing a laser hair removal and after having done it:

  • Before waxing, wax or depilatory creams should not be used, although razor blades may be used.
  • Do not take the sun one month before and after treatment.
  • The hair should measure between one and two millimeters at the time of the session.
  • You must be willing to undergo several sessions because the amount of them depends on many factors: skin type and hair, the amount of hair, area to be shaved, etc.
Laser hair removal before and after
Advantages of Laser Hair Removal
  • It is a safe and effective treatment.
  • Laser hair removal is effective to both male and female.
  • The elimination of hair, in a great majority of cases, is definitive.
  • It can be used to almost any area of the body that you want to treat.
  • The skin stops suffering the aggressions that provoke other types of depilation.
  • It prevents clogged hairs and folliculitis problems.
  • It is a painless system.
  • It does not cause cancer because the light it emits is in the range of visible and infrared light
  • Laser hair removal is very effective for women with hormonal problems as it helps to decrease excess hair caused by certain medications. You will see the result of laser hair removal before and after the treatment.
  • It does not damage the skin or the sebaceous and sweat glands and leaves a smooth and smooth skin.
Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal
  • Although it is a safe and effective method does not fail to present some drawbacks.
  • It is a normally expensive procedure.
  • If you have taken vitamin An acid or photosensitizing medicines you should tell the specialist. He will decide when it is convenient to perform the hair removal sessions.
  • Laser hair removal should not be done if the skin is very tanned.
  • It is advisable not to perform laser hair removal during pregnancy.
  • The laser hair removal may not be as effective┬áif the hair is very thin and very clear.
  • In each session, only the hairs in the growth phase are removed.
  • This type of hair removal should not be performed if the skin has any burns, rashes, irritations or wounds or any condition.
  • The diabetic people should consult with the specialist if it is convenient or not perform this epilation.
  • It is often ineffective in men with high levels of testosterone.
  • The intensity of the “shots" according to each patient must be regulated. If it is too weak, it is not very effective and if it is too high can cause a burn.

Our advice

If you have decided to remove hair by laser hair removal, you should go to centers that deserve total and absolute confidence as you have read many considerations to take into account before the treatment.

Professional experts are the ones who will advise you which type of laser is the most effective for your skin and hair type and how many sessions will be necessary to remove it, only this way you will get the maximum benefits of laser hair removal.

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