Chiropractic Care for Pelvic Pain

Not many pregnant women who come through a pregnancy without feeling some tenderness in the pelvis, but some pregnant women get pain caused by pelvic instability. In real pelvic instability has pain in all three sacroiliac joint. However, you can also experience pain from one of the joints in the pelvis. It can be just as painful but is called so as pelvic pain.

Whether you have pelvic instability, i.e., pain in all three parts, or suffering from a single point, it is important to take care of (see below). The pain develops slowly and can get worse. The pain occurs in the middle of pregnancy, but can also occur earlier – for example, if you have been pregnant before. The pain can be stabbing pain from the joints and the rays often down in the groin and down the front or back of the thigh. The pain is aggravated by standing, walking and turning in bed. Women with pelvic instability can be severely disabled, and in severe cases, take very short steps and move stiff and robotic.

Most of the pelvic pain can disturb a good night"s sleep because one or more sleeping positions may cause pain. It also hurt to change in different positions. It can be soothed with small exercises or short walks. Also, some simple mobilization help, that is a light form of massage and muscle work.

Where to spot the pain and what aggravates it:

• The pain lingers in the lower back, in the area around the pubic bone (pubic symphysis), buttocks, groin, tailbone, abdomen and far down the legs.

• The pain goes together with the feeling of numbness on the legs.

• The pain may be felt much differently from person to person.

• The pain is aggravated by motion, for example, when you turn from lying on your back.

• The pain is also aggravated when you walk or climb the stairs.

• If you lie and try to lift your leg or stretch your legs, this also triggers the pain.


During pregnancy, there is a “softening" of all joints and ligaments due to hormonal imbalance. It"s a usual process that continues throughout the pregnancy. The process result to changes to the pelvis which can be larger and more resilient during childbirth.

How is it diagnosed?

If you decide to undergo chiropractic treatment, you may want to do so in conjunction with other nonsurgical treatment options. The chiropractor will base on symptoms and medical history to conduct a study. After diagnosis, the Jacksonville FL chiropractor will provide you details on what you can expect. Including how you should do, and whether there are treatments or preventive measures that can be taken. Ask your physician about stretching, pain medication, exercise, hot-cold therapy or behavior modification, which are all noninvasive ways to combat spine pain due to a slipped disc, pinched nerve, sciatica, bone spurs, and a variety of other degenerative spine conditions.

The study aims to uncover the cause of your pain and include an examination of both the pelvis function, but also of the surrounding joints and muscles.


When the chiropractor has examined you and diagnosis, a plan for treatment. In the treatment may enter many elements. The focus will be on stabilizing the pelvis through exercises and possibly some manipulation as treatment. Also, advice and guidance included.

Treatment of pelvic solution will be aimed at creating free and symmetrical joints and muscle function. The investigation will determine where the pain comes from and whether it is part of the legs or feet that create problems in the pelvis. The car accident chiropractor near me can also bring relief to the pains of pregnancy.

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