Nail Salon Tips: How To Protect Your Nails And Hands

The nails of our feet and hands are not only an aesthetic function but also protect the tissues of the fingers. When you have a bad state of your nails can be an alarming signal of a health problem. They are made up of protein layers, keratin, which is also present, for example, in our hair and skin.

When they are in perfect condition their color is uniform, and they have a smooth texture. If on the contrary, they are discolored, or there are changes in their growth, they may be alerting us to have pulmonary, hepatic, cardiac, diabetes, anemia, even kidney diseases. There are some instances that you can see white spots, or vertical ridges, that are harmless.

Sometimes they are infected by viruses or fungi. They can also become infected on the skin, or have tumors or warts. These problems require specific care. To avoid all this, it is essential to clean them frequently, dry them, and cut them properly. Do not cut the cuticle because this can lead to infections.

During holidays, there are various activities such as gardening, constant exposure to the sun, sports or over exposure to water, which damage the health of the nails and hands, so it is important to keep them hydrated and with a good physical appearance.

Well-kept nails and hands are your best reflection because they are an important part of our image. To keep them clean and healthy, below are some essential tips:

Hydrate them

Before you apply nail arts or when you go to sleep, wash your nails and hands. Wipe them with a clean towel and massage them with a moisturizer. You can also rub them at night with a few drops of lemon, which will help to lighten the skin and leave them smooth. Do not do it in the day because it can generate stains when exposing them to the sun. In summer, the hands acquire a tan that makes them look more beautiful, however, use sunscreen to avoid burns or stains.


Once a week, you can shape your nails. Cut them straight and lay them in only one direction. Do not overdo it in the file because you can hurt the skin of your fingers. Do not cut the cuticles because they could generate infections. Do not forget to exfoliate once a week to remove dead cells from the nails and hands, as well as to sustain and rejuvenate the skin. If you go to the beach take advantage of contact with the sand, which is a natural scrub. You can also visit the best nail salon in your area to experience a good manicure. Search online and use the term best nail salon near me to find the best salon located that is near from home.  Going to a salon that is near you is very convenient so make sure to you use the phrase nail salons near me when searching online.

Apply nail art

In summer, the nail polish tends to be more visible, because the eyes are focused on the arms and hands. Also, good quality nail polishes help nails not to get any environmental damage. You can decorate them with tattoos, crystals or holiday designs. Make sure to apply a protective base and a hardener when applying nail arts.

Remove debris from enamel

Use a product without acetone to avoid irritation. Avoid using the nail polish remover more than once a week because its components can affect nails and hands.

Eat foods that are rich in calcium

To have strong and healthy nails and hands, you must carry a diet rich in calcium. You can eat almonds, hazelnuts, dairy products,  carrots, and tuna. These complement a diet with spinach, lettuce, soy, cereals, broccoli, and gelatine. Drink at least two liters of water every day to avoid dehydration.

In case you do not go on vacation and take advantage of the space to organize your house, use rubber gloves to perform any cleaning or gardening activity. If you expose your nails and hands to too much water, soap, detergents or chemicals, it may appear rough.

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